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Your Shape

The Your Shape programme has been commissioned by Sheffield City council to provide free weight management support for all adults living in the city, delivering safe and effective nutritional advice as well as physical activity support. Focusing on long term nutritional changes the programme also provides you with a home based physical activity routine to aid in reducing body fat, building lean muscle mass and strengthening the core.

The Programme

Your Shape is a 12-week weight management programme designed for individuals of all ages and genders with a BMI outside of the healthy weight category. The programme is tailored to assist individuals with all health and weight loss goals. The sessions are delivered by a team of nutritionists and physical activity specialists with the aim to reduce weight for good by making small changes rather than unrealistic gimmicky diets. Each week the programme will focus on a different nutritional topic to educate, inform and empower you to make long lasting changes and keep the weight off for good. In addition to nutritional advice the staff provide each participant with a home based exercise routine to be tailored around individual needs or restrictions to kick-start fat burning, build and tone muscle mass and finally strengthen the stomach area.

During the rolling 12-week programmes at a variety of venues across the city (please see timetable for more details, you can join the programme at any stage), Your Shape will explain why diets don’t work and why quick fixes quickly fail, exploring the many issues relating to food and nutrition, examining the consequences of our behavior and ways in which to deal with those. All of the messages are realistic, achievable and honest; all accessing the programme will complete a health check with the team measuring not only weight but also body fat and waist measurements in order to create a better picture of your health. The programme offers support after the 12-week programme to assist you in the continuation of achieving healthy lifestyle goals.

All the messages on Your Shape are suitable for pregnancy and the post-natal period and any additional support can be tailored to meet your needs as required. Please speak to the team for more information.

If you are interested in the Your Shape programme you can look at the timetable through our website, speak to the team surrounding the service for more information and even refer yourself via the contact us section, email or phone 0114 321 1253.

The programme is free and open to all via self-referral, bringing a friend is encouraged!