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#1 Pauline Davenport

I would like to say to anybody thinking about going to "Your Shape" to not hesitate. It gives you a real insight on what we should & should not be eating, showing us how "small" changes to your daily food intake can make a big change to "your shape". It also educates you on the correct amount of fat/sugar/ fibre that we should be having on a daily basis, this combined with a simple exercise regime will get you to the weight you want to be & help you keep it off for life.

When I started Your Shape I was borderline Diabetic & my cholesterol was 6.7 & I was having to take statins. All this has changed now; my sugar levels are normal & my cholesterol is a healthy 3.2 all this achieved by following the " Your Shape" regime.

The classes are run by Jean & Louise in a funny and informative way, making the class a pleasure to attend. They are both very passionate in wanting to help you reach your goal, nothing is too much trouble for them and their positive attitude is a breath of fresh air as they obviously put "heart & soul" into their job & this shows.

-Pauline Davenport 24/09/14

#2 MSC Shipping

MSC Shipping in Suffolk were selected as one of the first delivery partners in the Shape up 4 Business (SU4B) programme designed to help local companies to support their staff to eat more healthily, take more exercise, and shed a few unwanted pounds.

“ I was delighted when MSC were selected as a delivery partner with Weight Management Centre to deliver the on-site weight management programme to our staff. The team from WMC visited our office in Ipswich twice a week, delivering Shape Up 4 Business during lunch periods. The four courses were fantastic and employees reported improved fitness, knowledge about health and nutrition and an average weight-loss of 3kg across the 65 people that took part. Very many thanks from us all, and we are keeping up the healthy options in the staff canteen.”

-Emma Dinwoodie, HR business partner at MSC (UK)

SU4B has now provided health and weight loss services to over 50 companies across the UK, and the programme continues to be highly valued by both employees and employers.

#3 Barbara and Barry Earley

"We were both referred by our GP Dr Emmanuel from The Ball Tree Surgery as we both wanted to lose weight. In my case a lot of weight due to me needing a knee replacement and mobility issues which were getting worse, Barry because he felt uncomfortable, none of his clothes fitted and he was having to buy new ones from companies that supplied the larger man which he was not happy about.".

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#4 Worthing Evening Group

Heene Road - Worthing evening group

Total weight loss 171 Ibs = 12 stones 3 Ibs

"I have recently completed a 12 week Your Shape course, by the end of which I had managed to reach my target weight. Although some self discipline is required, I put my success down primarily to the motivation by the staffing team who, in a friendly and accommodating way, taught the group how to manage our food intake, to avoid poor health in later life. We were also taught that exercise is important to our wellbeing alongside food management. I would certainly recommend this course to anybody struggling with weight and fitness problems, as I was. It has got me into a habit that I am still maintaining because I now understand it and am convinced it is beneficial. I have continued to lose weight since".

#5 Bognor Daytime Group

Bognor Daytime Group

Total weight loss 139 Ibs = 9 stones 13 Ibs

#6 Steph

I signed up for the 'Why Weight' course in July 2014. My friend was told about it by her doctor and she was desperate to lose weight and, like me, had tried every diet there is going. I knew I was obese - 5'7 and 15 and a half stone - but didn't really want to admit it to myself. But I signed up to start the 12 week course starting on 1st October and encouraged my friend to do the same. To be honest, I was doing it for her; I didn't expect to lose any weight and my heart wasn't really in it.On week one, we arrived and my heart still wasn't in it. However, by the end of the session I was hooked. This looked so easy! And it made perfect sense. I could do this! And I did! The first week I lost 0.8kg and I knew I'd found the answer.

I finished the 12 weeks, lost 1 and a half stone, felt brilliant and even over Christmas thanks to everything I'd learnt, I'd only put on half a pound! I went back for 'round two' in January as we were told we could come back to be weighed in and sit in the talks again if we wanted to and,12 weeks later, there was another 1 and a half stone lost!I'm still attending for weigh in’s and now weigh 11 and a half stone. I'm now the correct weight for my height, my BMI is in a normal range and I feel great. I'd still like to lose a tiny bit more but I never thought I would be where I am now.

The support from the team who deliver the programme and those on the course is incredible. There's a real sense of being able to achieve anything and it happens without any stress, pain or sense of denial.Healthy eating is so simple, I wish I'd known about this before! We all think we know how to eat healthily but the way this course is presented makes it child play. There is no excuse for anyone to be overweight.Since I and my friend started on the course, we've inspired another seven people to lose weight by advising them and sharing the hand outs from the course. Thank you Why Weight - you've changed my life! I've even had the confidence to start a relationship with a wonderful man as I feel so much better in myself. I've been single for years so life really couldn't be better right now!


#7 Lisa

Over the past year I have been fighting for a healthier me but didn’t know how to achieve it on my own. When I first joined Your Shape I lacked confidence to walk into the room but with the encouragement of Jean and Louise from Why Weight I soon relaxed and started to enjoy the experience. Their friendly, motivational talks inspired me to make small changes every week and as the pounds started to shed my confidence soared! I then added exercise into my daily routine and bought myself a bicycle, started walking more and swimming. I now feel fantastic and fitter than I ever have.

I really don’t think I could have done it without the help, advice and more importantly their support. The weekly sessions were informative yet humorous and never boring! They helped me to understand that I could make little changes to my eating habits without feeling restricted and that I was not on a ‘diet’. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants not just to lose weight but to be healthier. It has been the turning point for me to get control of my health and get my life back on track!

Total weight loss 79Ib = 5.7 stones