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Shape up 4 Business

Being overweight and obese has its roots in many chronic illnesses (heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure etc), which can have a direct impact on absenteeism and lack of productivity within the workplace (Suhrcke, McKee et al. 2006).

As part of the Why Weight Sheffield service, Shape up 4 Business is a healthy workplace weight management programme on offer for free for all organisations in and around the Sheffield area. The primal aim of Shape up 4 Business is to provide companies with a professional and holistic weight management service, which is tailored to suit the needs of your business and employees. In-order to maintain long-term success the scheme builds a weight management strategy within the company and creates a ‘health’ culture throughout the workforce.

The Service

The service follows 2 key objectives

  • 1. Shape up 4 Business Work Based Programme

The objective of ‘Shape up 4 Business’ is to motivate the workforce through offering an informative programme which is tailored to their profession & held within their workplace.

The programme consists of a 10 week group programme, 1:1 pre-course assessment and post course evaluation. The 10 week programme starts with an initial introduction, before covering all aspects of weight management, including nutrition, diet topics, physical activity, practical exercise sessions and home exercise plan.

Each session will focus on a key element of nutrition with the participants receiving informative and interactive health and wellbeing advice upon the following subjects:

  • 1. Introduction to weight gain, establishing a regular eating pattern, kick start fat burning
  • 2. Carbohydrates, controlling our Sugar intake
  • 3. Fats and their importance in your diet
  • 4. The Psychology of eating, Portion size and Mindful eating
  • 5. Physical activity, introduction to resistance bands
  • 6. Energy density and food labelling
  • 7. Metabolism
  • 8. Heart health
  • 9. Fibre and core work
  • 10.Vitamins and Minerals, Optimum health

If you are interested in setting up a site specific programme in your workplace or would like some advice on getting fitter healthier with the support of your colleagues please get in touch with us on 0114 321 1253 and ask for the Shape up 4 Business programme.

  • 2. Staff Training

The long-term vision of the Shape up 4 Business workplace programme is to build a ‘healthy infrastructure’ within businesses in Sheffield. This plan includes training staff to continue the service, act as peers, to assist their fellow employees to sustain long term behavior change. Training is free, available to all employees and is adaptable to your organisations needs in order to support the rest of the workforce.